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How to Write a Profile on Hookupwashington.com That Gets You Laid

How to Write a Profile on Hookupwashington.com That Gets You Laid

Yes, you got the best look, you are smart, you have a sense of humor and you are a nice person. Yet, you fail to create a great profile for an online dating site. All these positive characteristics will be just be useless if you do not know how to write a great profile for HookupWashington.com that will probably get you laid. Hence, it is time for you to realize that considering an effective photo and description about yourself will give you the best profile for your HookupWashington.com account. So, if you do not want to be unnoticed, better learn the following ways on how you can perfectly write your profile.

Your photos

Of course, your photo is one of the most important elements in creating a profile and it is also true that people will make a first impression according to your photos where it tells everything about your physical appearance. You may include 3 to 4 photos of you displaying what best describes you. It is also ideal if you take a photo that reflects the activities you are involved in or the hobbies you have. For example, if you are a soccer player, try to take a photo with the soccer field as your background and as if you are playing. Also, it is perfect for you to wear a smile on your photo as it best describes that you are a happy person.

Your bio

Include a bio that isn’t too short and isn’t too long as well, just enough to capture the important things your audience needs to learn about you. It is a good idea if you are going to start your introduction about yourself with a joke, quote or even the self-deprecating comment. Another, if you are out of sense of humor, why not try to include activities that you enjoy and full of fun or the best places that you have already traveled to. Try to be specific about the details of the sports event or concert you attended instead of just saying that you love sports and concerts.

State what you want

Just state what you really want or what you are really looking for. Be brief and honest to what you are interested or not interested in. With this, you are helping others not to waste their time and vice versa. Also, it will let you be more focus on what is your goal and you keep yourself to the target audience you have.

Include your job and school

Discovering that you both share the same school or alma mater will serve as a good start for your conversation yet, put more emphasis on your job. Some may think that you are still unemployed as you only listed your college and maybe, that would be an extreme turn off.

Be true!

Nothing beats your honest personality. Make sure that all your photos and descriptions about yourself are true. If you love outdoor activities, then be an outdoor enthusiast on your profile. Include a picture of yourself while you are engaging in hiking activities and write a short description about how you totally love mountains and the environment.

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