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10 Places in Washington D. C. to Hookup

10 Places in Washington D. C. to Hookup

Now, you have already chosen your hookup partner for a romantic date you found in an online dating site where you will create memorable moments together. Yet, the question is, where in Washington D.C. will you bring your partner? You have already the idea which outfit you are going to wear, the enticing perfume you are going to use, the accessories that you are going to have and the smile you are to give. Yet, the perfect place is not yet arranged. No worries! Here, you will discover what best places you must bring your partner to have your perfect romantic date together.

1. Barcelona Wine Bar

Spice up your night with their best wines that the both of you will surely love. Wine is one of the best ingredients in planning for a romantic date. Take a sip of the savory taste of wine while you are discovering each other more. Then, take an appetizing bite of their tapas and get to know your inner selves. Enjoy their lively and romantic atmosphere. ( see the reviews )

2. Jefferson Memorial

If your partner has a great interest in witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of cherry blossom. Well, you have nothing to worry about for you can just bring her to Asia. You can find them right exactly at Jefferson Memorial. Then, go for a romantic paddle with her through the tidal basin paddle boat. ( direction )

3. National Arboretum

Have a memorable walk with your partner at the National Arboretum and get a look at its amazing gardens, eye-appealing cherry blossom trees and discover the US Capitol building’s original columns. Then, one of the most romantic activities here is to hike during full moon. More info and direction

4. Key Bridge

Never miss watching the sunset with your dating partner at the Key Bridge. Near this bridge, you can spend your memorable date night together. ( direction )

5. The Philips Collection

Bring out your artistic interest to different artworks. Surely, you will both enjoy all the artistic pieces of this first American museum for modern art. You have the chance to have a personal look at paintings like Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party. ( direction )

6. Filomena Ristorante

Go for an Italian taste with this Italian restaurant that offers a romantic dine in experience that is perfect for your hookups. The warm romantic atmosphere will give you an appetizing mood to talk about yourselves and go beyond your expected night together. More info, direction.

7. C&O Canal

Get your favorite bicycles with your date as you drive through this charming place. Also, never miss the chance to have an unforgettable walk with your partner while you are having your great time together and this might be the chance for you to get something more from your hookup relationship. More info

8. Watergate Steps

Aside from it being designated as a place for welcoming foreign dignities as well as the heads of stress, it is now open for your dreamy walk with a glimpse of the Potomac River. Read the reviews

9. Iron Gate

The exceptional and romantic ambiances can already be expected in this place and it is for the both of you to unveil the romantic link between the two of you. See their website, direction.

10. National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

Feed your artistic appetite for sculpture and you can both witness the iconic Spanish language version for love sculpture by Robert Indiana. ( direction )

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